Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cry War, Ruin, Destruction and Decay... the worst of these are Exams... and Exams shall have their day...

That's right folks, this here one be about them darn exams.

Bloody awful nonsense really.

Before I get into the nit-n'-gritty though, I'd like to remind you to attend Stick's absolutely BITCHIN' event - 'Soul Selecta Saturdays' hosted by our most righteous of artists Saxon and Te Tuhn. They put the Sex in Sexy Party, by which I mean they are excellent spinners, and nothing else... *wink* You can see these gentlemen of the Trance at Brixton's Pub on Sparks Street on April 28th, from 10 to 3. They will r0x0r your b0x0rs (according to people on the internet that is...).

So, apparently, I've got some hyper-tension. boo. Boo-urns! What this means is that I got absolutely no sleep last night and I'm 'over-tired.' Or at least according to everyone I have talked to today, who commonly went on in the same fashion more or less, just wit' different words. Personally, I just think I'm tired out from rocking the Eff out!

I don't give this hyper-tension stuff much truck, I reckon it's just an amalgam of words designed to make me feel like I'm somehow disabled. Which, as anyone will tell you, I am not. I am dying to stay awake so I can go to bed at a decent hour tonight, and not go to bed at like... 9 pm and wake up at 2 am and not be able to get back to sleep until 6, which has happened in the past.

But I digress...

Yeah, so exams are usually a pushover, but since I'm dead tired and desiring to establish a halfway normal sleep pattern (you know, a standard eight hours, out of bed by 7 am, at work for 9), I'm just effed for studying. It's like trying to translate Greek from Latin from Eygptian Hieroglyphs from Martian. It just ain't happening broheims.

So if anyone has a super-intelligent dopple-ganger, or perhaps some form of cloning machine that replicates a 12-hour "quick-clone" that has all my knowledge and abilities, to take the exam for me, I reckon I'm generally more or less effed up the A. Whoopee.

However, in much more happy news, I am nearing the end of my undergrad which is a delightful mix of pride in my accomplishments and abject terror in what my future is going to be. Oh, to be a first year again... that was the life, except more fornication would have been nice.

In actual good news though, I had a bitching time at Saxon and Te Tuhn's Soul Selecta Saturday at Brixton's pub last weekend and am eagerly looking forward to the next which, apparently, will feature 'debauchery', whatever that entails (actual debauchery I hope, the kind with fornicating).

Hope to see you there.

Up the Empire, Down with Exams!!!


Blogger running wildly said...

Well, how did the exams go? I too just finished finals. They always tend to blow my mind with at least one question that makes me ask myself, "They actually taught us that? And I'm supposed to remember? GAH!"

Happy fornicating

2:18 p.m.  

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