Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hey all,

Quick update.

Yes, I'm still working at MacOdrum Library and it's still alot of fun.

Yes, I'm finally going to go see Pan's Labyrinth on Thursday August 2nd.

It's my brother Andrew's birthday on Monday, so Happy Birthday Andrew.

I added a new link to my links menu, it's the blog of my favourite cousin Val who is teaching English in Taiwan to little children. Little, little children.

Big News! My first solo poetry reading will be Sunday, July 29th at the Dusty Owl reading series. It will take place at Swizzles bar and grill at 241b Queen Street. It starts at 5 and ends at 8 pm. Alcohol will be served and I will be selling CD's for $12. Please bring as many of your mates as possible.

As evidenced by previous posts, I'm currently in between relationship partners right now.

Jonner got back from England, so we've been hangin' some. Rob and Jonny get back from Turkey in about a week's time, so we'll party it up right then.

That's about it my lads. Write more later,


Monday, July 02, 2007


For the past 5 days I have been sick, and as a result, I missed seeing old friends I haven't seen in months on Canada Day. My Canada Day consisted of hacking up snot and being miserable.

Of all times...