Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The fulfillment of Purpose

Peoples of the World,

This blog was originally created, way back last year, as a vehicle to promote my CD, that was at the time, in the works.

The time has come for this ol' blog to fulfill its purpose.

It's time.


For Immediate Release,

Billy Ruffian and Mudsharkaudio are pleased to present: Billy Ruffian's "The Savage Gentleman".

Combining a deep love of his origins with the love of his country, Billy Ruffian presents a coherent and thematic work of art that challenges the listener to question the nature and justifications of war through motivated poetry and good ol' fashioned Canadian story-telling.

The signature piece of "The Savage Gentleman" is the epic poem "Sweetheart" which is distributed along seven seperate and complete tracks. While each standing on its own is a compelling story, together they form a mesmerizing story of lust, honour, despair, chaos, madness and glory.

Billy Ruffian and the fine staff at Mudsharkaudio have relentlessly worked hard on this project for over a year and confidently offer it to the public for the price of $12 (CDN). The CD can be purchased from Billy Ruffian in person at one of Ottawa's many fantastic spoken word poetry events such as Capital Slam at the Thirsty Scholar, Poetic Intentions on the last monday of every month at Cafe Nostaligica (603 Cumberland Ave) and IN/Words at Avant Garde and other regular poetry series in Ottawa as well as the occasional open Mike at various pubs and venues.

The CD can also be purchased online at www.mudsharkaudio.com, Canada's largest producer of Spoken Word Artists. Shipping and Handling extra.

Keep your eyes and ears open for a launch party as well as readings and special appearances by Billy Ruffian!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Carleton Improv

Carleton Improv in online and up n' running!!!

That's right, you can read AND HEAR all our exciting adventures at www.carleton.ca/cia with text AND AUDIO. Check out our propaganda for all the exciting media.

When you are listening, guess which one is me. Here's a hint. I'm not too keen on adulterous whores.

If you wanna go straight to the audio, click here


Friday, October 20, 2006

Getting re-acquainted

Hey y'all

Ok, so I've been sicker than a dog for the last two weeks, been beset by problems of school, getting fired from Rooster's and then getting a job at the library (which rocks ass and is my dreamjob come true).

Right now I'm typing up my After Action Report for the Vice-President's briefing for our meeting tomorrow at Carleton. Later I'm driving my mom to the doctor because she has been very sick as of late.

My brother Andrew is in Thailand now on leave. He leaves Afghanistan and goes on vacation to a country where a military coup d'etat took place. I'm just glad it seems to have the support of the Thai people is all. Besides, I highly doubt the Thai military is gonna mess with a western soldier during the war on terror, unless they want Georgie Boy to fuss and whine and make trouble for them.

Lord oh Lord how I've come to dislike the American President. Worst president since Andrew Johnson.

Hell... worst president ever.

When will they impeach him, in a peaceful, democratic fashion?

See internet spies!? I'm not advocating killing President Bush, just that he be gotten rid of in accordance with the traditions of a liberal democracy. Stop spying on me.

That's pretty much it. I've lost my appetite for long posts.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Just had first improv show.


Eating pasta.

Then sleep.


and made a profit....

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Holy Crap, never update to blogger beta ever! The most aggravating crap ever.

Ok everyone, the blog is back up and running. Have news for you soon.

Billy Out.