Thursday, September 14, 2006

The 13th

Today we are all Montrealers.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I am now the treasurer of the Carleton Improv Association. Which means I have to keep all the donut and gas receipts.

First improv meeting was today. Jobs were assigned. Responsibilities handed down. Bread was sliced. Butter was spread. Sandwiches were eaten. Except for the last three, it's all true.

Damn, wish I had me a decent sandwich right now, but I can't be bothered to make one all the same.

Writing letters to ol' friends and then moving on to readings, designed a recruitment poster and finishing up the laundry. Kulah Kalay oh happy day.

EDIT: I used to think Ehrlico's clipboard of mystery was rather boring. Now I wonder how in the HELL he ever got anything done, seeing as how the notes contained upon it resemble the outlandish dream of a a fevered madman.

I bought a NEW, much sleeker clipboard and have got much accomplished in a much more legible way. Take that Mr. and Mrs. Hekapopolis. I'm neater than your son.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Update, the 2nd installement

Hey y'all.

What's up?

I'm good.

Pretty good.

Might be better, might be worse.

I'm generally happy with my state of being right now.

Last night, went out with Jon and Emily. Tonight heading out with my only buddies from High School Tina and Tasj.

Oh? You want to hear about California? Well first; this.

The Manager of Rooster's called me NOT 30 minutes ago as of this writing to inform me that he would like if I could come down on Friday and work some "try-out" shifts before the interview process began. He said he wouldn't lie to me, but that if I did this, it would REALLY help my chances of being pulled on permanently onto Rooster's staff as a cook.

I worked at Subway for awhile about 2 years back. I used to work in a kitchen at a overnight Christian summer camp and I take instructions very well and learn quickly.

So hopefully, a job on Campus for Billy, which would be good, because then I wouldn't have to play bus slut all the time to get around and do my job while also balancing school.

Yes, playing bus slut only twice a day would be great. Getting to school and then leaving school.

Bus Slut: noun, An individual so totally dependent on public transport that they take whatever abuse, rudeness, tardiness and general unhealthiness of said transport in stride so that they may be given the privilege of barely scrapping by.

Ok, my trip to California, lets go!

California was great. What can I say? I say the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz and the Sea Lions... but I didn't do much sight seeing. Why you ask?

Well, because I was spending way too much time spending time with me AWESOME family from Northern Ireland, that's why! I bonded very quickly and very closely with many members, most espicially my cousin Timothy, who I suspect is 10% decent fella, 45% hard worker, 25% proud father... and 10% rascal!

He reminds me of me.

But I reckon that the best part of the trip wasn't enjoying the great company of my Patrician Uncle Stuart (who is quite the fan of Rush Limbaugh... unfortunately), pal-ing around with my red bull loving, tobacco chewing cousin Timothy, my cousin Victoria's husband Jefferson (quite the southern gentlemen you might say, he's from Georgia), meeting my cousin Mick (the groom of the wedding I was attending) or just having a ball with my cousin Pamela.... but the children.

Playing with the children of my cousins was a deeply rewarding experience. Occassionally having to raise my voice and be authoritative (when no other adult was around, or when Uncle Stuart was too tired to be truly effective) was a great confidance booster, even more so than being the tough as nails camp counsellor I was back when I was a teenager.

They were very good children, most of the time. There shouldn't be any out of control kids on the Maury Povich show from MY family, I tell you sir/madam!

It made me realise, at least a little bit, that if I ever met the right woman, settled down and got married.... then I would like to have some kids of my own.


When I'm ready.

In the far off future.

I saw only two things that disgusted me beyond words.

1. Some lady who was obviously on crack/smack/crank/green meanies or whatever, who had bruises and cuts all along her legs.

2. Workers of Mexican descent (Or perhaps Mexicans in America) working like slaves... sorry... working AS slaves on a large farm.... sorry, a plantation.

I saw with my own eyes... the DISGUSTING and REPREHENSIBLE practice of paying migrant workers next to nothing, exploiting their strong work ethic and situation to get top quality labour at a fraction of the cost of hiring workers who were either citizens or who had the requisite forms to be in America as a guest worker.

My heart goes out to those people who are doing what they have to do to survive. To feed their families.

I hope, as a Canadian, deep in my heart of hearts that the American government devises a fair, equitable and compassionate solution to this problem that enforces the rule of law AND allows people the dignity of work and fair wages for people who want to work and work hard.

I as a Canadian, kept my mouth shut while I was there. One lone Foreigner, among hosts, would not be able to change the policies of rich land owning families in 4 days. I happily report however that my family, espicially Tim, were as equally disgusted as I was (or more) and that no one who was a guest of the groom (That's our side) stayed a SECOND longer than they had to.

Perhaps there is hope after all.

I did do some sight seeing... but mostly I either helped as best as I could with the wedding or clowned around with the men and the children and was funny for the women.

I did get to see my grandmother as well. Yippie! That was cool. I'm going to visit her next summer.... I shouldn't say it, because for a woman of her age Grannie is in great shape.... but the elderly don't get any younger and I should make the most of the time I have now before it's too late.

I've got to go back to Ulster... visit my granddad's grave... make amends with some people that I have... *sigh*... wronged in my time.

Some ghosts need burying.

Plus, I hope to meet a nice Irish girl, fall in love and never be unhappy again. Because Irish girls are like that I hear.

Yeah, not really.

I turned 22 on the 22nd of August.

I've talked to my brother, Capt. Ruffian, a few times on the phone and MSN. Afghanistan doesn't seem to be the wonderful place that nobody has ever made it out to be.

Personal stuff I shall not share, but he is ok looks like.

Summer recap in an itemized list

1. Did some poetry
2. Nearly finished the CD
3. Completed nearly ALL of my summer to-do-list
4. Planning to go the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, Oct 11-14 in Toronto
5. Had fun in California
6. Struck out alot with the ladies
7. Happy for reuniting with my very old friend, Meghan Ballantine, who was possibly the BRIGHTEST and HAPPIEST factor of the months May and June.
8. Learned a Little Latin
9. Completed my Minor in Classics and Religion
10. Didn't get a job at the library, despite my overwhelming desire to work there
11. Felt a little lonely with all my friends not being in Ottawa like they are during the school year
12. Helped my buddy Neil Hagworn (names changed to protect the funny) move to Washington D.C. by loading up his moving truck.
13. First Improv meeting of the year on Saturday (can't wait, Improv always cheers me up)
14. Had my good friend, "The Budman" stay with me for Canada Day and we rocked out loud.
15. Met my hero and artistic inspiration, BUCK 65 for the SECOND TIME and got him to SIGN MY LUCKY HAT! BITCHIN'!
16. Said a sad farewell to my fellow improv'er Erhlico "The Hek" Hekapopolis who now lives in Toronto having graduated from Carleton University.
17. Miss both my brother's very much.
18. Got to see BOTH of my brother's and Sara, my bro Agamemnon Ruffian's girlfriend, who came up to visit with the family before Capt. Ruffian's deployment.
19. Still deadset on Library school, apply to Dalhousie in October.
20. Writing awesome poetry.
21. Wrote awesome poetry.
22. A lil' bit lonely because of bad luck with the opposite sex, BUT, remain convinced that my time will come soon and I'll meet someone who is nice in a non-manipulative, non-mind game playing, non-money spending way.
23. Wrote this list.

And that is how I learned my lessons of the summer.

Monday, September 04, 2006


I owe Y'all an update.

I swear it is forthcoming, before Thursday.